lördag 6 maj 2017


Victoria B&W


fredag 28 april 2017

Hotel Riverton Skybar Gothenburg

In The Spotlight


The Moon

The Nose

The Little Angry Girl

The Old Couple

The Tongue (B&W)

The Tongue (colour)

Looking Out (B&W)

Looking Out (colour)

The Mask (B&W)

The Mask (colour)

The Tough Guy (B&W)

The Tough Guy (colour)


The Flower

The Spooky Look

Streetportrait - Gött Mos (Good potatomush)

Smoke & Tattoo

The Hug

Smoke 2 (B&W)

Smoke 2 (colour)

In good company

Streetshot - The Jacket

Streetportrait - Smoke Rings Sisters

Streetportrait - Hebbe Lelle

The tired dog

Love Einsteins

On the hunt

Feets & Paws

Eye & hand contact

Streetshot - The Kiss

Streetshot - Grumpy guy (colour)

Streetshot - Grumpy guy (B&W)

Streetshot - Smoke

Streetshot - Kid

Streetportrait - Cute dog

Streetshot 3 - Smoke Rings Sisters (colour)

Streetshot 1 - Smoke Rings Sisters (B&W)

Streetshot 2 - Smoke Rings Sisters

Streetportrait 3 (colour)

Streetportrait 3 (B&W)

Streetportrait 2 (B&W)

Streetportrait 1 (colour)

Streetportrait 1 (B&W)